Those annoying hackers are at it again.  There is an email virus going around that looks like a Docusign download request.

We received this from one of our clients and unfortunately it grabbed the address of one of our employees before we could identify it was in fact spam.

The email asked you to click a link to open the documents waiting your signature.  It then took you to a site that looked like Google and asked for your username and password.  (It also autopopulates if you have that setting in your browser so be aware)

This virus will grab your contacts and send a duplicate of the email to everyone on your list.

In addition to the annoyance to all your contacts, here’s what else it does.

The virus will create a filter in your email account to send all new emails directly to Delete or Trash.  Your inbox will be empty moving forward.

If you’re using Gmail as your host, here are a few steps to take.

1. Open your Gmail account

2. Change your password

3. Open Settings

4. Find Filters

5. Delete any filter that says to send any email sent to your address to Trash

6. On the bottom of your browser, click the small link that says “details”
– be sure to sign out of all other sessions, just in case

7. Close all browser windows and restart.

You can view any lost emails in your Trash folder and move them to your inbox.

If you received this email from us, we are truly sorry and apologize for the inconvenience.  If you found this post in general because you got the email otherwise, I hope this has helped resolve the issue for you.